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Creekside Elementary Homework

PUSD Board Policy is focused on reading as homework in elementary school.  This matches well with our school's Reinvented Homework - which begins with reading.  Beyond nightly reading, our Reinvented Homework menus are designed as enrichment to allow students to deepen their understanding of subjects in a personalized way.  We want to protect your family time, allow for extra-curricular activities, and reduce stress while still offering a variety of ways to support at-home learning.

"Evidence for the Power of Reading"
Evidence for the value of free voluntary reading, or recreational reading, continues to accumulate. In the last few decades, evidence from several areas continues to show that those who do more recreational reading show better development in reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. These results hold for first and second language acquisition, and for children and adults.

Resource for parents about learning to read and home support in grades K-3:

Research supports a need for homework assignments to be authentic and meaningful to each student.  "Homework should be stimulating and provocative." (Howard Gardner, the John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor in Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education)