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Parking/Traffic Information

Click Traffic Flow Map for parking and traffic directions.


Getting To and From School

Driving to school - We encourage parents to carpool to reduce the number of cars at school each day.  Please follow these rules to keep traffic moving and everyone safe.

The “Bus Loop” is the circular lot closest to Poway Road.  Enter from the north (turn right into driveway) and load and unload along the curb behind the bus area.  You will need to turn left when leaving the bus loop.
The “Main Parking Lot” is the larger lot closest to the playground.  Enter from the south (left turn into the lot) and exit south (right turn out) towards Scripps Poway Pkwy. You may also enter this lot from the North if you are parking.  You may load and unload passengers along the red curb or park in a designated parking space.  

When entering the main parking lot or bus circle, the number of cars allowed to enter will be controlled by staff. When you enter, you will be asked to pull along the curb. Please move forward as the vehicle in front of you moves. A single line needs to be maintained at all times.  Please do not jump ahead of a car to an empty space. If the lot is full you will need to continue on Springhurst Drive. The flow of traffic cannot be backed up on the main road.


  • No cell phones while driving!!
  • Always watch for children in unexpected places.
  • Park only in marked spaces or on the street where legally permitted.
  • Do not park in reserved spaces.
  • Never leave car unattended at the curb.
  • Never double park to drop-off or pick-up students.
  • Always use blue cross walk when walking through the Main Parking Lot.

Walking to school - Many of our families are located close enough to Creekside to allow children to walk to school.  This is a great way to begin the day with a little exercise and fresh air.  Parents should walk with children or set up a “walking school bus” and cross only in designated crosswalks.  A gate is located at the southwest corner of the field to provide easy access to/from South Creek Park.  This gate is unlocked and supervised at 8:45 a.m. until the school bell rings and again at the end of the day for 15 minutes. 
Bike Policy - Students in 3rd through 5th grade may ride their bikes to school with parent permission.  Children must wear a helmet, provide a lock for the bicycle, and follow safety rules/laws.  A permission form, must be completed and on file with the office for students who wish to ride their bikes to school.  Bikes must be walked once on school grounds.  No rollerblades, razors, scooters, or skateboards are allowed on campus.


Prepare for Departure!

Morning Drop-off Hints:
  • Be prepared for drop-off; have backpacks and other items within reach of the student.
  • Quickly drop students off anywhere along the curb in front of Office/MPR building.
  • Students always get out on the curb side.
  • Don’t wait for a parking spot (it really jams traffic).  Continue through the lot to find street parking.
 Afternoon Pick-up Hints:
  • In the Main Parking lot, pull forward along curb. Students will enter the vehicle ONLY once you drive past the blue crosswalk.  This really helps with traffic flow and safety.
  • In the Bus Loop, pull forward along curb to furthest opening.  Your student will come to your car.


The system works if everyone follows the rules!