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Running Club


PTA Running Club

Awards are presented for reaching 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, and 150 miles during the school year.
Trophies for 200+ miles will be presented at the end of the school year.
Trophies for boy/girl with the most miles run will be presented at the end of the school year.
1 lap around the track = .31 miles / 3 laps will round up to 1 mile.
 For each lap a student completes, the barcode on their ID card will be scanned by a yard duty or teacher.  Students must have their ID cards in order for their laps to be scanned and counted. 

Laps run before school from 8:25-8:40 am, during recess, lunch and classroom/PE run times count toward Running Club. Laps run before 8:25 am, after school or weekends do NOT count .

Replacement policy:  Students are responsible for keeping track of their ID cards.  The card will only be replaced once. If lost again, parents will be responsible for printing new cards.

 Student Viewing. Laps run will be available for student viewing on the Student Lap Tracker website. 
   1.      Go to
   2.      Your Username is: gecko followed by your Student ID.
   3.      Your Password is: your Student ID followed by your first and last initials in lower case.
Parent VIewing.  Laps run will be available for PARENT viewing on the Parent Lap Tracker website:
    1.   Visit this link to activate your parent account on Student Lap Tracker:

     2.  You will need to enter the same email address you have on file with the school.


Questions?  Contact Dorothy Lewis HERE or Autmn Easton HERE.